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  • Why do we specialize in Wix & WordPress?
    Each ‘Content Management System’ is like a type of car – you wouldn’t try to buy a Toyota from a Porsche dealership. Wix & WordPress web design requires some specialization as well – and we’ve worked on Wix & WordPress websites for 5+ combined years now, learning the ins and outs of it while finding ways to be more efficient than our competitors. We honestly want you to have a website you can make changes on yourself and get the most effective solution for a reasonable price. The fact that Wix & WordPress are considered ideal for SEO / getting more Google traffic doesn’t hurt either.
  • How long does it take?
    Our home services web design process generally takes around 9 days to get a fully-custom website you love, designed from scratch and developed by hand, from expert Wix and WordPress web developers.
  • How much does it cost?
    Our high package, which is our best-seller, costs $299. Additionally, we offer custom packages tailored to fit your budget, ensuring you get an attractive and effective website that meets your needs.
  • Can I make changes after it's done?
    Simply put – we make everything super easy to edit for even non-tech folks.
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